See by Us is a new reading glasses brand that flirts with the intellectual and sophisticated. See by Us is for everyone that in a smart way wants to add something extra without sacrificing any functionality at all. We design stylish frames with +power and even no power, in that way  we turn to all that simply feel the urge to update their look with a pair of urban spectacles.See by Us stands for: Design, Intellect, Curiosity and Confidence.


The idea behind See by Us began on a balcony in Stockholm in August 2010. Nicole and Elisabeth talked about how many conventional products with traditional values had become fashion accessorize. But there are still many exceptions. Such exception is reading glasses, Nicole burst out.– Reading glasses should be stylish, sophisticated and designed. Like any other accessorie!The two friends agreed. Why should millions of people wear the less stylish glasses distributed in for example gas stations? They both felt that with their background in advertising and fashion, they could ad something to a conventional business and take the reading glasses to the next level. A cool accessory, with high quality, but still affordable. Reading glasses that make you feel younger and even more beautiful and not the other way around. The hours spent on the balcony that day while the sky colured pink became the seed to an intriguing business idea and to the start of See by Us.Inspiration came from characters from the literary and fashion world. Truman Capote, Ali McGraw and Lauren Hutton are all stylish people that looks smart and sophisticated with their glasses. The design is sprung from the most classic and stylish shapes with playful colours and patterns. We hope you will love them as much as we do!


What we want to achieve with See by Us is that our reading glasses are viewed more as a cool accessory than a necessity. We want to make it easy for our customers to look stylish and smart. With our glasses you have the opportunity to buy several pairs at once. A fun, fast and easy way to add something new to your everyday outfit.
— Elisabeth Wachtmeister



Elisabeth has a background in art and advertising as project manager. She has worked both on agency and in-house. On evenings and weekends she is trying to write a book.

Contact Elisabeth
phone: +46 70 838 43 18